Decorative rock or mulch in the planting beds gives plants their own space to thrive. A well thought out shrub bed will look amazing and can be easy to maintain.

Wood Mulch Areas Maintenance

  • Remove excess leaves using a rake or leaf blower. It is not necessary to ensure all leaves have been
  • Weeding the area regularly before the plants are able to mature will prevent root systems from
  • Each spring, mulch should be added to maintain a depth of 2 to 4 inches. This will keep the bed looking
    nice and help prevent weed growth.

Rock Mulch Areas Maintenance

  • Keep free of leaves by either picking out by hand or using a leaf blower. When using a leaf blower, be cautious not to blow leaves further into rock mulch.
  • When pulling weeds out of rock beds, make sure the root is removed to ensure the weed does not grow back.
  • Pay close attention to the edges and borders of the rock bed as the fabric may have slight gaps where it will become easier for weeds to grow.
  • Each spring, the rocks should be washed out with a high pressure washer to remove dust and debris from accumulating on the fabric. Failure to do so will allow debris to accumulate over a number of years to the point where the fabric will be rendered useless.


  • Greentree does not provide a warranty for groundcovers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Will all my mulch be the same colour, size, and texture?
    A: Since the mulches are natural materials, they will vary in colour, size and texture. We recommend viewing a large quantity of the selected ground cover to accurately assess the normal variance.
  • Q: Will I still get weeds in wood mulch?
    A: If the wood mulch is maintained at a minimum depth of 3,” it will be highly effective at preventing new weed growth. We consider wood mulch to be 80% effective. It’s important to note that wood mulch does not inhibit the proliferation of weed growth through its roots therefore if weeds are left unattended, the mulch will be substantially less effective.
  • Q: Does wood mulch stay the same colour?
    A: All mulch fades over time, and the more sun it gets, the faster it fades. The best type of mulch for fade-resistance is bark chip; the worst is cedar mulch.
  • Q: Is it true that I need to “top up” the mulch?
    A: Since wood mulch is biodegradable, it does just that therefore you will have to top up the mulch. Keep in mind, the perfect time to try a new colour of mulch is when it is being topped up – it’s like repainting the walls in a room!
  • Q: How often should I top up my wood mulch?
    A: Your mulch should be topped up by 1” to 2” the year after we install it and then every other year afterwards. This will help to minimize the amount of weeds you get, and it will keep the colour looking sharp.
  • Q: Will I get weeds in rock or rubber mulch?
    A: Your mulch should be topped up by 1” to 2” the year after we install it and then every other year afterwards. This will help to minimize the amount of weeds you get, and it will keep the colour looking sharp.
  • Q: How often should I weed my mulch?
    A: We recommend weeding all of your beds the same day that you mow your lawn!
  • Q: Why have I seen people washing off their rock mulch?
    A: To reduce the amount of weeds you get in rock and rubber mulch, we recommend you wash out all the dirt, dust and seeds that have been caught between the rocks every year.
  • Q: Some yards I’ve seen have fabric showing, is that normal?
    A: If the weeds haven’t been taken care of soon enough, allowing their roots to weave into the fabric, when the weeds gets pulled up, so does the fabric. If you make sure to weed your beds each time you mow your lawn, this shouldn’t be a problem!
    A: This can also happen when the mulch is installed on a slope; gravity, precipitation and traffic can all cause mulch to shift downhill.
  • Q: Does rubber mulch fade?
    A: Rubber mulch can take up to 10 years to start noticing any fading!
  • Q: Do I have to top up rubber mulch?
    A: Eventually, you will want to top up your rubber mulch. Ideally, it will just fade to a point you want more vivid colour again; however, it is very lightweight so it can end up being blown away over time!
  • Q: How should I get the leaves out of the mulch?
    A: A leaf blower is a landscape maintenance crew’s best friend. For rubber or wood mulch, aim the blower high, start far away and then slowly walk closer. Eventually, you will learn the distance you need to blow the leaves off without blowing the mulch. This works best when the leaves are dry! The same goes for rock mulch, however, blowing the rocks away isn’t a concern but blowing the leaves underneath the rocks is!
    A: Since wood mulch is biodegradable, you can use your blowers to blow the leaves into the mulch so that they biodegrade together! This will save you on bagging all those leaves but you may want to overturn your mulch once all the leaves are in it.