An irrigation system is an environmentally friendly and low maintenance way to achieve the perfect lawn and plants. Greentree uses “set it and forget it” controls with a rain sensor; we design the system to ensure all the lawn and plants receive just the right amount of water.


  • The irrigation system must be blown out before the temperature drops below 0 degrees celsius. We recommend scheduling an ongoing irrigation maintenance program with Greentree Outdoor Living to ensure the irrigation is working properly.
  • The main water supply to the irrigation must be turned off for Winter.
  • The system must be started in the spring – all spray heads and drip lines must be checked for alignment and proper operation; this will also ensure there are no leaks.


  • Greentree provides a one-year workmanship warranty on irrigation systems.
  • A manufacturer’s warranty may exist on components.
  • An extended warranty is available.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Is there a lot of maintenance with an irrigation system?
    A: No! Although Greentree recommends hiring an irrigation maintenance company to blow out your lines in the fall, do spring start-ups and check the operation of all the emitters: it is something a homeowner can do fairly easily with the right equipment.
  • Q: Is irrigation worth the money?
    A: In Alberta, irrigation is well worth the money. The difference in plant and sod growth and density is very noticeable in our climate. The higher the cost of your plant material, the more valuable an irrigation system is.
  • Q: Why do I not see many irrigation systems in homes?
    A: There are limiting factors for what properties can have irrigation but most homes don’t have irrigation systems because it has a high startup costs that you don’t immediately see a return on.