Landscape Lights

Whether you are bathing an entire tree in light or simply highlighting an individual feature of it, landscape lighting can be used all year round to show off your grand landscaping and to focus on the lovely characteristics of your yard.


  • Ensure the photocell has a direct view of the outdoors.
  • Set the timer on the transformer to an appropriate time for you./li>
  • Check each bulb regularly; replace any that may be burnt out.
  • Halogen bulbs or LED bulbs can be used:
    Halogen bulbs use more energy but create heat, which will melt the snow around them (ideal for winter). LED bulbs are more energy efficient than Halogen bulbs and come in various colours, from cool blue to warm yellow, thus making them ideal for summer. Make sure you get the colour you want!
  • If a number of lights are not working, first replace the bulbs in the non-working lights and then check the circuit breaker on the transformer. Afterwards, follow the wire from the transformer to the first light to check for damage.


  • Greentree provides a 1 year workmanship warranty on lighting.
  • Greentree does not provide a warranty on lightbulbs.
  • A manufacturer warranty may be included on lighting transformers and other components.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Are the lights hardwired into my house?
    A: No, we prefer to use a transformer that plugs into an exterior outlet. This keeps us from having to drill holes into your house!
  • Q: Do I have to turn the lights on and off?
    A: The transformer for your lights has a built-in photocell that will turn the lights on and off for you! You just set how long you want the lights to stay on for and it will take care of the rest.
  • Q: Can the lights be hooked up to a switch?
    A: If you have an outlet that is connected to a switch, your lights can be set to be controlled by that switch.