Outdoor Kitchens

There is a barbecue and then there is a barbecue party!

A custom outdoor kitchen will be all the talk among your friends and family. People always gather around the chef, and having an outdoor kitchen will create the perfect area for people to assemble; from an island around the barbecue – with bar stools along the side – to an elaborate setup with all the luxuries.

An awesome outdoor entertaining area starts with an outdoor kitchen.


  • Rinse off your outdoor kitchen every spring and fall to remove dust buildup.
  • Wash any grease or spills off with water and soap as necessary.
  • All components should be maintained as per manufacturer’s specifications.


  • Greentree provides a 5 year warranty against any major structural defects for outdoor kitchens.
  • Greentree provides a 1 year warranty against any craftsmanship defects for outdoor kitchens.
  • A manufacturer’s warranty may exist on certain components.
  • Greentree is not liable for any cracking, chipping, discolouration and/or disfiguration of material that may occur after installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Can I put an outdoor kitchen on an existing deck?
    A: Yes, your deck may need additional support below it to carry the additional weight of an outdoor kitchen but in most scenarios it can be done.
  • Q: I have rock on my house, can the outdoor kitchen have the same rock?
    A: If the rock is still available for purchase, it should not be a problem to put the same rock as a façade on the outdoor kitchen.
  • Q: Outdoor kitchens are expensive, are they worth it?
    A: If you like to entertain outside, outdoor kitchens create an atmosphere that is perfect for entertaining, essentially adding an additional room onto your house.
  • Q: The summers are so short in Canada, are they worth it?
    A: Although our latitude causes early cool temperatures, it also makes for long summer days! An outdoor kitchen can encourage you to take full advantage of your yard throughout the long summer days.