There’s no better way to enter a yard than on a pathway!

A pathway can be made from meticulously fitted stones to widely spaced ones. You can go on a nature walk with a relaxed limestone pathway as well!


  • Clean off any debris from pathway using a leaf blower as necessary. Be cautious not to blow directly at the pathway, blowing away the pathway material!.


  • Greentree does not provide a warranty for crushed pathways.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Will the rocks move around when I walk on them?
    A: When the pathway is installed the rocks can be fairly soft. We hose the surface off after installation, this helps to harden the path, additional water can be added to increase hardness to your liking. Because the rocks are crushed, they have a lot of edges, this allows them to lock together and compact preventing them from moving around too much under your feet!
  • Q: Can I push my mower along the pathway easily?
    A: Yes! Because the path is compacted, the rocks will lock together allowing you to easily push your mower or wheelbarrow along it!
  • Q: Will the pathway collect water?
    A: Yes, the pathway will collect water but it will remain solid and comfortable to walk along. It will drain with excessive amounts of water preventing pooling.