There are many things to consider when you create a planting plan like soil, water and light. To make it look amazing, you also have to consider the flow, colour layers, successional interests and design style. It can be a lot of work to make it come together, but well worth it when you do.

New Material Maintenance

  • New shrubs, perennials and trees will take 3 weeks to establish roots and a healthy growing pattern. It is recommended to water the shrubs and perennials once per day for the first 3 days. Then every other day for the next three weeks.
  • Trees that were in pots should be treated like a shrub. However, large trees will need more water. We recommend the large trees are watered every day for two weeks, every other day thereafter for the next week.
  • It is important to water plants without over watering. Different plants and the same plants in different areas of your yard (considering sun, slope, shade, etc.) will need different amounts of water. To check this, remove a small amount of soil from the surface and ensure that the soil is drying (but not dried out) in-between watering.
  • The new plants have just been fertilized; so it is recommended to wait 90 days before applying additional fertilizer. We recommend using an organic liquid fertilizer.
  • It is important to protect new plants from insects or animals.

Ongoing Maintenance
These are some general points that apply to many plants; however each plant is different, each plant and its problem can be unique. If you are not familiar with the proper maintenance of the individual plants; we would recommend scheduling a garden consultation each spring with one of Greentree’s Master Gardeners. This will ensure you get the best advice and help spot issues before they become problems.

  • Most shrubs and plants should be pruned when dormant which is in the spring or fall. Most plants should be watered twice per week. In the fall it is particularly important to water plants in before the ground freezes. We recommend using a deep root waterer. Most plants should be fertilized 3-4 times a year.


  • Greentree provides a one-time one-year warranty for plant growth until July 1st of the following year after installation.
  • The warranty does not cover cedars, upright junipers, certain ornamental varieties, and plants that have not been properly watered, or have been physically damaged.
  • Warranty is void if the plant is not properly watered; if there are signs of physical damage, or pet stains.
  • Trees will be replaced with new trees that are the same size as the ones originally planted to a maximum of five centimeters potted, as available; should the same type/size of trees be unavailable for this procedure, Greentree will replace the previously planted trees with ones of a similar variety.
  • Shrubs will be replaced with number-two-size containers, as available; these may be replaced with an alike selection depending on availability.
  • Perennials will be replaced with a 6” containers, as available; these may be replaced with an alike selection depending on availability.
  • Extended warranty is available at an additional cost.
  • It is up to the client to manage a watering schedule for plants. This includes managing an irrigation system, if applicable.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Where do the plants come from?
    A: Greentree will locate the nearest reputable nursey to your project! Common nurseries Greentree uses in the Edmonton area are Kiwi Nursery, Millcreek Nursery, and Sunstar Nursery.
  • Q: Do I have to water the plants before the project is finished?
    A: Greentree will water the plants until planted. Once planted it is your responsibility to maintain a watering schedule and manage an irrigation system when applicable.
  • Q: Can I pick out the plants at the nursery?
    A: Yes, if you would like to pick out the plants for your project just let your designer or project manager know and they will arrange a time with you to visit the nursery!
  • Q: Does my plant have a disease?

    A: The quickest way to determine this is to take a picture or some leaf samples to your local nursery to obtain plant specific information.