• Cleaning can be done with a pressure washer and if needed; soap or any other concrete cleaner can be used. If efflorescence appears, and is not easily washed off, there are efflorescence specific cleaners available.


  • A five-year workmanship warranty exists on hardscaping construction performed by Greentree. This excludes poured concrete walls.
  • Settling that occurs below one foot of subgrade will not be covered by warranty.
  • A one-year warranty exists on poured concrete walls for any cracking that occurs outside of the expansion joints; cracks will be filled and sealed.
  • Greentree is not liable for any chipping, discolouration, and/or disfiguration of material that may occur after installation. This includes damage from de-icing salts or other products administered.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What is the white residue on my Stairs?
    A: This is known as Efflorescence, it is the process of dissolving an internally held salt in water. The water, with the salt now dissolved in it, migrates to the surface where the water evaporates leaving only the salt.
  • Q: What will be the height of each stair rise in my retaining wall?
    A: This depends on the size of retaining wall block chosen to build the wall.