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Andrew Watt – Senior Landscape Designer

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Design Style

With my career beginning on all fours planting, pruning and weeding gardens in Richmond, White Rock and Vancouver, BC, and continuing with my education at Kwantlen College in Langley, BC, my design style is certainly influenced by the lush gardens, ocean vistas and natural mountain stone of British Columbia’s southern coast. However, as a landscape designer, my job is to understand my clients’ goals and desires first, then take the time to truly explore their unique style and bring it all together to deliver a functional, fun and inspiring space that is their very own to enjoy and grow with.

Design Philosophy

I remember the first time I drove Highway 99 along the Oregon coastline: I couldn’t believe how with every turn, a new vista would leave me in awe of the beauty and the raw power of the ocean waves crashing against rocky outcroppings. Sumac trees dangling over cliff edges to my right and seemingly mile-high Redwoods standing with Sword ferns at their feet to my left. A garden design should inspire its inhabitants and guests just the same – every turn should leave the viewer wanting a little more, leaving him/her to question what might be around that next corner.


My mother will never let me forget the time I was ten years old and attempted to prune a large Maple tree in our front yard. I climbed up high near the top and started cutting; I cut so many branches out that I couldn’t get down without crying for help and a ladder. Working in the outdoors has always been my preference. I started in the landscaping business in White Rock, BC – as many others do – by cutting lawns. This lead to garden maintenance as well as tree and shrub care, followed by some grading and drainage work, and before I knew it, I was building landscapes. I have been designing and building landscapes since 1998. I moved to Edmonton in 2011 and shifted my focus to design only; over the years, I have learned that my passion is working with homeowners to help them discover what is truly possible as well as what will and won’t work for their landscaping project. As a former business owner, I also have a keen understanding of how one’s budget is often, if not always, of critical importance to any major building project. With nearly two decades of design/build landscaping experience, I will be sure to offer as much advice, expertise and excitement as I have at my disposal.

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