Maintaining Your Yard

One-Year Warranty

Trees and shrubs are covered for 1 year.

  • Trees will be replaced with a tree of equal size to the one originally planted (max. 5 cm potted, as available). Should the same type/size of tree not be available, we will replace with a similar variety. Note: warranty does not cover cedars or trees that have not been properly watered, or damaged.
  • Shrubs (including ornamental) will be replaced with a #2 size container as available (may be replaced with a similar variety)
  • Sod that doesn’t grow will be replaced; however, this warranty does not cover lawn areas that butt up directly against trees or houses/buildings or lawns that have not been properly watered.
  • Concrete walls, patios, and driveways are covered for any cracking that occurs during the first year outside of the expansion joints. Any cracks will be filled and sealed.

Five-Year Warranty

  • Paving stone – 5-year warranty against sinking due to compaction or movement (in the event that movement visible and/or is causing drainage issues). Paving stones will be repaired a maximum of 2 times during 5-year period.
  • Decks, fences, pergolas are covered for any major structural defects.
  • Grading is covered for 5 years, provided there are no contributing issues.
  • Window Wells — the 5 year warranty covers positive drainage. However, any actual flooding that may occur in window wells is controlled by the weeping tie and would not be covered under this warranty.

All repairs will extend only to the affected area.

*Please Note: Maintenance and Warranty information on this page is an abbreviation. For full details, please contact a Greentree Representative.

  • Download our Owner’s Manual for a comprehensive guide to maintaining your yard.

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